We formed this blog to respond to the current crises in America in a commonsense manner that many of our politicians have avoided.  Every American has been affected by the deep economic recession, threats from China, Iran, and elsewhere, crumbling infrastructure, and on and on.

But all of these problems threaten the vision we each have for our country’s future.  These problems diminish the quality of life of Republicans and Democrats, people from towns and people from cities.  Wherever we’re from and whatever our politics, as Americans we all have an enormous stake in solving the problems we’re suddenly facing together.  This blog is devoted to improving the lives of all Americans.

Second, it is also clear to us that the highly ideological, reactionary, and divisive policies that many politicians and pundits have proposed in response to our collective frustration are far too weak (or in many cases, counterproductive) to rebuild our country.  Now is not the time to dismantle unemployment benefits, to risk yet another ultimately debilitating war in the Middle East by encouraging Israel to strike Iran, or to cut back on the research that will propel our economic recovery, to give just a few dangerous examples.

Instead, the nation needs a common sense movement.  This means thoughtful, pragmatic politics aimed at improving the lives of all Americans, regardless of their location or station.  Rather than using old, tired ideologies that do not reflect our the urgency of our current situation, these new American policies must chosen for their ability to deliver results.  Many politicians haven’t given us what we need, so it’s up to us as citizens to pressure them into action.

Because we favor effectiveness over ideology, we have no preconceived allegiance to either the Republican or Democratic parties.  And although we can tell we’re being lied to by many pundits and politicians in both parties, we also understand the incredible dangers of thinking entirely “from the gut” or ignoring real threats simply because our government and our academics point them out.  Our country has some of the best scientists, thinkers, and public servants the world has ever seen.  Carefully and thoughtfully relying on their knowledge, while also always questioning the wisdom of what we hear from above, will ground our movement to reality and ensure its success.  No movement can survive for long if it scorns facts and thinkers and believes unprovable conspiracies.

This blog collects stories and information relevant to the common sense movement.  It proposes commonsense policies and calls into question aspects of our system that are broken or stand in the way of the incredible advances that we know stand before future generations of Americans.

Most of all, this blog is a conversation.  We invite our fellow Americans to propose ideas and voice their input to the issues discussed here.  Our renewed American strength and prosperity depend on it.


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  1. Rochelle Gordon says:

    We are all tired of the opportunists, the propagandists, and the manipulators. I would love to see a massive movement of Americans exhibit both common sense and common decency, and demand that America’s leaders do the same. We can be the alternative to hate and myth driven organizations. In order to be a viable force with the power to change the current dynamics that threaten our democracy, we will need to do more than blog. We need to organize. That is indeed the hard part. We do not have financial backers like the Tea Party. We do not have media stars promoting our cause.

    That said, let us start with something simple. Let us talk about our our vision for our nation.

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