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Cut-throat competition and the free market

This great New York Times article about Southwest Airlines is a fantastic case study for the absolute need of a flourishing but well regulated free market economy full of smart, cut-throat competitors. I was not aware before of the extent … Continue reading

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The Glenn Beck Smear of George Soros

Here are two more great articles that clearly explain the danger and nasty history of Glenn Beck’s antisemitic slurs of George Soros. I appreciate that they point out the extent to which Mr. Soros’ could be legitimately criticized by people … Continue reading

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George Soros an antisemite?

Glenn Beck’s latest anti-Semitic attacks on George Soros (who is Jewish) should raise alarm bells and anger with people of all political persuasions.  Glenn Beck is an expert at laying blame but pretending (very transparently) that he refuses to pass … Continue reading

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Nasty Elitist Election Tactics

The New York Times just published an excellent article ( detailing the tactics Republicans used to take over the House of Representatives and win some Senate seats.  The piece is striking for how plainly it shows the techniques by which … Continue reading

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