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Cut-throat competition and the free market

This great New York Times article about Southwest Airlines is a fantastic case study for the absolute need of a flourishing but well regulated free market economy full of smart, cut-throat competitors. I was not aware before of the extent … Continue reading

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The Glenn Beck Smear of George Soros

Here are two more great articles that clearly explain the danger and nasty history of Glenn Beck’s antisemitic slurs of George Soros. I appreciate that they point out the extent to which Mr. Soros’ could be legitimately criticized by people … Continue reading

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George Soros an antisemite?

Glenn Beck’s latest anti-Semitic attacks on George Soros (who is Jewish) should raise alarm bells and anger with people of all political persuasions. ¬†Glenn Beck is an expert at laying blame but pretending (very transparently) that he refuses to pass … Continue reading

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Nasty Elitist Election Tactics

The New York Times just published an excellent article ( detailing the tactics Republicans used to take over the House of Representatives and win some Senate seats. ¬†The piece is striking for how plainly it shows the techniques by which … Continue reading

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